Welcome to our new members page and thank you for choosing Ukrainian-British City Club as your partner to do business in the UK and Ukraine. To see Memorandum and Articles of Association of Ukrainian-British City Club, click here. To see UBCC Membership Rules, click here.

Types of membership and applicable annual fees
Membership Type Annual Fee
Large Corporate (100+ employees) £550
Corporate (11 to 99 employees) £330
Small business (2 to 10 employees) £220
Individual £110
Non profit organisation £60
Young City Club (YCC)
Young Professionals £40
Full-time Students £20

To apply online you have to go through 3 simple setps:

  1. Register on the website using the provided registration link
  2. Confirm registration using the activation link we will send to your email
  3. Complete Membership activation by making online payment or bank transfer

Step 1 :: Register


Alternatively you can apply by post:
Please download and complete this application form. Send it together with invoicing instructions or a cheque, payable to the Ukrainian-British City Club, to:

The Ukrainian-British City Club, 145-157 St John Street,
London EC1V 4PY