TOKYO, July 21 2005 – Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, currently on a visit to Japan, says Tokyo could help Ukraine develop its stock exchange system. "Ukraine needs two things now, as Ukraine does not have [adequate] stock exchange trade: a concept of the stock exchange; and, after the concept is drawn up, the question of infrastructure will appear," Yushchenko told Interfax-Ukraine in Tokyo on Thursday. "What we see today [in Tokyo] hardly looks like a stock exchange. This is an online regime for financial operations, where there are no fights, and there are no scandals at [this] stock exchange," he said having visited the Tokyo stock exchange. He pointed out that about $14 billion is quoted at the Tokyo stock exchange daily. "The whole country is used as a resource of the nation," he said. Yushchenko added that Ukraine's stock exchange could mobilize "the $20-30 billion that our people keep, as experts say, in other places." Ukraine may make use of technical aid from Japan on the issue, the Ukrainian president said.

[Interfax-Ukraine as published by FirsTnews]