The Ukrainian-British City Club (UBCC) presents “Investment in Ukrainian Art” Lecture & Cocktail Reception
Hosted by Danusha Fine


Mr James James-Crook, Head of Business Development at Lyon & Turnbull Auction House, Edinburgh
Mrs Ann Kodicek-Gilbert, Art Critic/Historian

Wednesday 4 October 2006
London, UK
Registration: 18:00
Commencement: 18:30
The Investment in Ukrainian Art lecture and cocktail reception will take place at the Air Gallery, 32 Dover Street, London W1. The event is being organised by the Ukrainian-British City Club and hosted by Danusha Fine Arts as part of the "Born in the Soviet Ukraine" exhibition in London's Mayfair.

Brief information about the exhibition
Collecting of the Socialist paintings became fashionable in the West in early nineties - the period after the fall of iron curtain. A wave of interest, rising now, has much deeper roots and serious basis. The diversity of Soviet art is being revealed, hence the complexity of the term "Socialist realism" itself. Naturalism of 1930-40th, depicting cheerful "homo sovieticus", was followed after 1953 (year of Stalin's death) by the extension of style and theme boundaries of the Soviet Art. The exhibition shows how certain artists successfully developed in 1960th-1990th post impressionist traditions and delivered their ideas in expressionist style.
"Collectors should look at "the painters who reflected the upsurges of patriotism commanded by Stalin in the 1930s and during the Second World War, paintings that though basely political and propagandist, but often of a startling quality", Brian Sewell, Evening Standard, 10th December, 2004.
 "Socialist historic art is enjoying something of a renaissance. Collectors are being driven by the growing understanding that this was a genuine movement. Indeed, perhaps the most important in 20th-century Realism", Matthew Cullerne Bown, The Times, 11 February 2004.
This exhibition represents works by Grygoriy Shyshko (1923-1994), Petro Magro (1918), Leonid Kudriavtzev (1922), Anatoliy Kostenko (1920-1997), Roman Shusterman (1923 - 2001) and Evheniy Volobuev (1912-2003).
About Danusha Fine Arts
Danusha Fine Arts ( was founded in 1992 and mounted numerous exhibitions of the prominent Ukrainian artists in the museums, arts centres and galleries throughout the UK as well as in Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, USA and Switzerland. Public response has been extremely positive, as has critical acclaim in the British art and national press.
Admission is by invitation only.

Cost of attending the event:

UBCC members:  free
Non-members:  GBP19 per person

Please respond by 29 September 2006 to or by post to the Ukrainian-British City Club at Millennium Bridge House, 2 Lambeth Hill, London EC4V 4AJ if you would like to attend the Investment in Ukrainian Art lecture & cocktail reception.
Due to the limited capacity of the venue, the invitations will only be guaranteed to Patrons and Sponsors of the UBCC. The remaining invitations will be allocated on the first come first served basis. The UBCC members will receive an invitation immediately upon responding to this email (subject to availability). The invitations for non-members will be allocated only upon receipt of the payment. The payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer; for details see .

Any non-members who join the UBCC before 29 September 2006 will be entitled to attend the Investment in Ukrainian Art lecture & reception free of charge.