The Ukraine Charity Initiative is a project undertaken by a volunteer group consisting of young Ukrainian professionals who work in the City of London. The goal is to register a charity in the United Kingdom that would raise funds for various benevolent causes, exclusively focusing on Ukraine.
Ihor Okhrimenko, one of the UBCC members, is set to run the London Flora Marathon on Sunday, 22 April 2007 and to raise funds for the Ukraine Charity Initiative. Ihor is a Ukrainian professional working for a major international energy company and an experienced runner who successfully completed several Marathons. London Flora Marathon with its 35,000 runners is one of the largest sporting events in the world where a lot of professional athletes and people with different backgrounds and ambitions commit to 42 km race as well as fundraise for charitable causes.

Oleksiy Soroka, Director of the UBCC, is the co-ordinator of the Ukraine Charity project.  If you want to find more information about the initiative or if you like to make a donation, please contact Oleksiy on