26 May 2008



To whom it may concern

Dear Sirs,


In November 2007 Dmytro, grandson of Viktor Shportko, the People’s Artist of Ukraine, was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The Institute of Genetics (Ukraine) and Hammersmith Hospital in London have initiated a program “AVI 4658 Antisense” carried out by Professor Francesco Muntoni which successfully cured 9 boys with such a rare and serious condition. Only “AVI 4658 Antisense”treatment can help Dmytro to survive.


Taking into consideration the seriousness of the problem and especially when we are talking about the child’s life, Professor Francesco Muntoni has agreed to Dmytro’s thorough health examination and further treatment that can last for 3 to 4 months. Cost of treatment course estimates approximately GBP 100,000.


We do hope that this problem can be solved by early beginning of the medical treatment course, for which additional funds are very much needed.


Please note below the bank’s account details:


JSC Commercial Bank Khreschatyk, Kyiv, MFO 300670

Account number 2600600016400

Identification code 1637405254

Tel. +38 044 529 9555

Mob. +38 067 321 36 76


ВАТ КБ «Хрещатик» м.Київ, МФО 300670,

р/р 2600600016400

Ідентифікаційний код 1637405254

тел.. +38 044 529 95 55,

моб. +38 067 321 36 76




Ihor Kharchenko