Persistent heavy rain near the Prut and Dniester rivers in Ukraine caused floods that damaged thousands of homes and forced many people to leave their homes in Western Ukraine, namely Lviv, Zakarpattya, Ternopil and Chernivtsi oblasts. The flood hit 40,601 homes, 360 vehicular bridges, 561 pedestrian bridges, 680.61 km (423 miles) of roads 33,882 ha (83,724 acres) of agricultural land. Total amount of damages evaluated approximately £ 700mn.

At least 30 people, including 6 children, perished in the natural disaster. 

President Viktor Yuschenko has declared regions damaged by the flood in the west of Ukraine as the area of ecological disaster. Besides, the President addressed business circles of Ukraine and around the globe with a request to provide victims of the disaster with charity support.
The Ukrainian Government has held an emergency meeting to draw up a response to the rains, which have left thousands homeless, cut power and felled bridges.

In connection with the recent flood in Ukraine's western regions, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is asking the international organizations and the governments of foreign countries to render humanitarian and technical assistance.

Please be advised also that a special account has been opened by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine for donation from legal entity and private individuals to support victims.



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Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine, Kyiv (Міністерство праці та соціальної політики України)

Account number

(Номер рахунку):


2600 7010 041123

Account with institution, Beneficiary bank

(Банк одержувача):

Joint-Stock company State Export Import Bank of Ukraine, 127 Gorkogo Str., Kyiv, Ukraine



Призначення платежу: перерахування благодійних внесків для ліквідації наслідків стихійного лиха в західних областях України.