The Young City Club is a platform for young students and professionals aged 40 and under.

The main objectives are as follows:

to provide networking opportunities both for young Ukrainian people working and studying in Britain and all other nationalities with an interest in Ukraine

to provide its members with an opportunity to meet representatives from different companies

to organise business initiatives in UK and Ukraine to promote awareness of the investment opportunities in Ukraine

to organise educational exchanges of students intending to pursue careers in business

to provide its members with fun social events

to learn more about business life in the UK

Types of membership and applicable annual fees

Young Professionals

  • Social functions
  • Seminars on topics of interest
  • Cultural and sporting activities
  • Monthly E-newsletter

Full-time Students

  • Social functions
  • Seminars on topics of interest
  • Cultural and sporting activities
  • Monthly E-newsletter

Please note: there may be additional fees applicable to some of the events

Young City Club members are also welcome to attend other events organised by the Ukrainian-British City Club.

The current Chairman of the Young City Club is Stanislav Suprunenko.

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Leadership, Education And Development (LEAD) Programme is an academic project providing talented Ukrainian students with an opportunity to spend ten days in London in order to gain exposure to and insight into the professional environment, work ethics and corporate culture of the UK’s leading institutions in the public and private sectors. Through attendance of topical presentations, participation in workshops, case studies and group projects, students hone their communication, organisation and project management skills, and explore concepts of transparency, compliance, and public governance. LEAD endeavours to support and develop young people who wish to contribute to the future development of Ukraine by implementing social initiatives or pursuing a public sector career. Through the Programme they have a chance to learn from the best Western practices and to apply this knowledge towards improvement and optimisation of the processes and systems currently in place in their home country. LEAD was created in 2014 (former name Summer Experience Programme) by members of the Young City Club and is now in its second year of running. It is lead by Stas Suprunenko, Chairman of YCC, and project coordinators Polina Poluneeva and Iryna Tandura.

Familiarise participants with the workings of public and private sector institutions in the United Kingdom.

Organise targeted training in subject areas that would be particularly useful in public sector jobs in Ukraine (e.g. municipal governance, lobbying, project management).

Provide opportunities for networking and information sharing with corporate professionals, public officers, students and peers.

Create opportunities to apply acquired knowledge and skills in public sector institutions and government bodies upon return to Ukraine.

Maintain contact with alumni, providing them with further mentoring.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 4th year Bachelor and Master students (in full-time education at the time of application)
  • Ability to demonstrate leadership qualities, academic excellence and active social engagement
  • Advanced level of English
  • Interest in working for the public sector in Ukraine



Application Process and Timeline

Participant selection process consists of two phases. All candidates submit a written application form online. Approximately thirty applicants are selected into the second round, where a Skype interview is conducted by the project coordinators in both English and Ukrainian/Russian. Following the interviews, twelve finalists are chosen to take part in the Programme.

  1. 1-20 April – Submission of online applications via Surveymonkey
  2. 1-15 May – Skype interviews with selected candidates
  3. 15-20 May – Selection of twelve finalists
  4. 8-18 August – LEAD Programme takes place in London

If you would like to find out more about LEAD or volunteer with the Programme this year, please get in touch with Stas Suprunenko or Polina Poluneeva at All help is welcome and particularly so, lecturers and keynote speakers on the subjects of personal and professional training & development, anti-corruption, lobbying and municipal governance.

For further information please email UBCC Members' Support on