LEADing Ukrainians Back in Town


LEADing Ukrainians Back in Town

London (22nd July 2015) – Educational summer initiative organised by members of the Young City Club (YCC) is running for the second time this summer. On 8th August 2015, twelve students from Ukrainian universities will arrive to London to take part in the Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) Programme.

Under the patronage of Ukrainian-British City Club (UBCC) and with endorsement from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, LEAD Programme aims to develop and support talented students who are keen to effect changes in Ukraine by implementing social initiatives or pursuing public sector careers. Irina Tymczyszyn, Director of UBCC is overseeing the project: “LEAD gives young Ukrainians an opportunity to see how private and public sector institutions are run in the UK, what principles they operate on and which values they promote. The students get to learn from the best Western practices and can use this new knowledge to reform systems, institutions and values in their native Ukraine.”

During their ten-day stay in London, participants will visit leading UK companies and government institutions, participate in topical presentations and workshops, work on case studies and team projects. These activities will allow them to hone their communication, organisation and project management skills, and explore concepts of compliance, transparency and public governance. Going forward, LEAD aims to establish an alumni network of talented young people who will be shaping the mind-set of their generation.
The finalists have been selected among 300 applicants from 76 Ukrainian universities who met required qualification criteria and demonstrated exceptional standards of academic performance, active social involvement and strong career goals.
LEAD was created in 2014 by members of the Young City Club, a group of Ukrainian professionals working mainly in the fields of banking, law and finance in London’s City. It is run on a voluntary basis with invaluable support coming from members of the Ukrainian community in London, who have helped the YCC in organising some of the events and sponsored various activities for the students. LEAD also enjoys support from information partners ProstoClass and Ariadna Consultancy. If you would like to contribute to the programme this year, please get in touch with the LEAD team. All help is welcome and particularly so, lecturers and keynote speakers on the subjects of personal and professional training & development, anti-corruption, lobbying and municipal governance.

To find out more please visit www.lead.com.ua or email us at info@lead.com.ua.